The Happenings

Everyone is awaiting theĀ GRAND release of Chapter 1! For that, I am happyšŸ’ƒ. Since the creation of my blog, I had many good reviews about my upcoming book. For sure, the idea was always there but it never transpired. However, the acquired suggestions have moved me to eventually alter the life of this blog and my book in the very near future.


Welcome to the Journey

Thanks for joining me! In the following proceedings, this blog will give monthly chapter updates of an upcoming book. I am a University student that had great aspirations in life as a child growing up in Jamaica. I am a lover of reading all sorts of books. One of my favouriteĀ  is Caribbean literature, which I got exposed to during high school. These literatureĀ added to my inspiration along with books written by Maya Angelou and stories within the genre of Historical Fiction. Read More